My Go-To Overnight Oat Recipes

This is a short recipe share - I really have become addicted to overnight oats!! I tried it once with steel-cut oats and didn't love it, but once I invested in rolled oats, HOLY MAMA! There are so many great recipes out there, but because I follow IIFYM (if it fits your macros) I really… Continue reading My Go-To Overnight Oat Recipes

$100 Grocery Shop: Week 3/52

Despite that the increased carbon tax is already upon us, I managed to do an awesome grocery shop this week! All the boxes of Ritz crackers were just 99 cents each at Safeway. Items I have that I'm working from: Frozen chicken breasts Chia Seeds Rolled and quick Oats Raw Peppers Salsa Chocolate Chips Laughing… Continue reading $100 Grocery Shop: Week 3/52

$100 Grocery Shop: Week 2/52

To the pantry I went first last night, and then the freezer in the garage... with bare feet and a tea in hand, stressing silently in my hope that the baby sleeps long enough that I can finish this task. My items of choice to work from this week are: Frozen chicken breasts 1 bag… Continue reading $100 Grocery Shop: Week 2/52

$100 Grocery Shop: Week 1/52

Be warned - this first shopping list may not be the riveting experience you expect it to be. Why? Because we've just come off the holidays after dear friends stayed with us and there's a plethora of leftover food not only from what we purchased, but from what they left! (What the heck, Erika! Of… Continue reading $100 Grocery Shop: Week 1/52