$100 Grocery Shop: Week 1/52

Be warned – this first shopping list may not be the riveting experience you expect it to be. Why? Because we’ve just come off the holidays after dear friends stayed with us and there’s a plethora of leftover food not only from what we purchased, but from what they left! (What the heck, Erika! Of course we are going to eat it!). As these weeks go on, you will see the evolution of sticking to that dollar amount.

The most important thing I stress about these “$100 Grocery Shops” is that I shop my pantry first! Take an inventory count. Chances are there are things hidden away you just haven’t been motivated to use. Generally I’ll make a list, then i’ll sit down on a Thursday night and flip through all the flyers to see whats on sale for the week. If you cook at home a lot, it’s fairly easy to put together what to make from what is on sale and what you have.

I checked out what I had, and made a list of food items to build my meal plan/list around:

4 lb Pork Shoulder Blade Roast (was $8 when I found it!)
1 bag of mixed frozen veggies
2 x 5lb packs of chicken drumsticks (snagged these awhile ago at $2.70 each)
Tomato paste cans
Rolled Oats
Frozen vegetables
4 lbs of frozen extra lean ground beef (free from friends! currently lean beef is $2.97 lb this week)
Wheat Thins crackers

(please note I am keeping this all very simple, with simple recipes so that it is easy to follow for now)

While everyone sleeps the night away, I sit down with my planner and a tea and write out every meal plus snack options for the week and finally make the grocery list!

Save-On-Foods (this is my online pickup order printout…if i spent $70, they would take $10 off, they didnt have turkey thigh so the total came out to $56 instead):


Navel Oranges 3 lbs
Casa Di Mama Frozen Pizza’s
Scarpones Diced Tomatoes
Organic Brown Mushrooms packaged
Organic Grape Tomatoes packaged
2 x 1lb bags of baby carrots
9 x Sunrype Fruit2Go’s
Lucerne Sour cream 250g
Heinz Chili Beans
2 x cans of whole kernel corn
1 lb of ground lean turkey thigh
1 chocolate bar on request by husband
= $34

H&W Produce (Not shown because I’m going this morning for this!):
Bananas $0.58 per pound (5 lbs) $3
25lb bag of onions = $4.98
Head of lettuce = $1.50

Now how to separate this into my meal plan….for us, I first start with lunches for myself and then C + the girls. I can eat the same thing everyday, especially if its already made and its healthy.

The first night (Friday) is the roast pork with potatoes and salad for dinner and then the leftovers are for the weekend. Cooking on the weekend is not ideal for me because I’m usually prepping food for the next week and baking, so I’m a huge proponent of doing leftovers through Saturday-Sunday. Helps to clean out the fridge this way 😉

Dinner: Pork Roast + baked potatoes + salad


Breakfast: Vegetable egg frittata + toast + fruit
Lunch: Sandwiches + hummus with carrots/crackers
Dinner: Leftover pork supper

Breakfast: Leftover frittata + toast + fruit
Lunch: Leftover Pork supper
Dinner: Crockpot beef chili (double recipe)

Breakfast: Overnight Oats with Banana + PB or frozen berries
Lunch: Turkey chili (S) and Beef Chili for (C + girls) with toppings
Dinner: Chicken Drumsticks + roasted potatoes + steamed broccoli

Breakfast: Overnight Oats with Banana + PB or frozen berries
Lunch: Turkey chili (S) with toppings and Sandwiches (C and the girls)
Dinner: Leftover Chicken drumsticks + rice + mixed frozen veggies

Breakfast: Overnight Oats with Banana + PB or frozen berries
Lunch: Turkey chili (S) and Beef Chili for (C + girls) with toppings
Dinner: Pork Shoulder steaks + leftover rice + salad

Breakfast: Overnight Oats with Banana + PB or frozen berries
Lunch: Turkey chili (S) and Leftover dinner (C). Cheese + crackers + fruit (girls).
Dinner: Beef Chili on baked potato

Breakfast: Overnight Oats with Banana + PB or frozen berries
Lunch: Turkey chili (S) and Beef Chili for (C + girls) with toppings
Dinner: Frozen Pizza’s + raw veggies with hummus

Snacks for the week are:

  • cottage cheese with frozen berries
  • crackers + laughing cow cheese
  • bananas + apples
  • hummus & baby carrots
  • love child squeeze packs + fruit2go’s (girls)
  • muffins baked from the weekend

This is really made simple this go around, and it’s mostly to just to introduce you to building a menu from what you already have in your freezer and pantry. I don’t normally have room to buy squeeze packs (generally make my own), or sandwich meat either because I always have leftovers to be taken, but those were 10 for $10 and I wasn’t about to say no. I’ve purposely noted the price of the meat in my freezer that I’ve used this week and it amounts to just $25 extra dollars because everyone will pipe in that meat is the most expensive part. The $100 goal per week starts getting tricky when I need say, a bottle of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, protein powder, or diapers/wipes.

If anyone wants me to elaborate on how I portion, or a needs a recipe for anything here, just leave a comment! Sometimes people ask why I don’t do certain things from scratch (even though we try hard to stay away from processed food) it’s just simply a “this moment in time” answer. With a baby + toddler, I just can’t do everything I want to because of the season of having babies ❤

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for a post like this every Friday.


7 thoughts on “$100 Grocery Shop: Week 1/52”

  1. I am the worst about looking in my cupboards first! Or I buy extra because something is on sale and I never use it!
    My biggest struggle is with Mike being away so much to switch from shopping for 2 (he eats enough for 3 people) when he is home to just one after he leaves I find I end up throwing things out once they go bad! So going through my cuboards first would really help so I’m not waisting.

    I totally understand on the proccessed food too, we try to avoid it but with my day/night rotation and Mikes hangry sometimes its the better fit into out busy lives, no shame!

    J. mills


    1. I also have never heard of H&W produce and its right down the road! We go through so much produce! Im trying to buy more market produce this year just because I like how it tastes fresher and last longer than grocery stores and I found grocery store produce was starting to go bad within a couple days when I would go to use it but I will have to check out H&W in between market trips!


  2. Quiet enjoyed this post. Love that idea of shopping the pantry first. I have so much stuff in there. Toby always says a small village could eat off it for a year lol… I’ve never planned my meals before going shopping but can see how that would save money for sure! 🙂


  3. Love this! Great job! Also love the idea of “shopping the pantry” first. I recently threw lots away because I noticed that they were expired. I have actually been thinking I should go through my pantry and build a menu on what’s in there, to clean it out.😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so easy to forget what’s in there hey! I have thrown away stuff that expired two years prior…that’s how I knew I had to look in there more often 🤦🏻‍♀️


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