30 & Pregnant

It’s not how I envisioned spending my 30th birthday – but here I am!

After working 2 jobs, moving to a rented a house, and carrying around a 20 month old…Ripley was born, and all I could think about was how awful and out of shape I felt. Also, she was born at Easter, and there is a plethora of Reese’s eggs available 🙄 damn those are delicious.

I worked so hard (probably extra hard because of my 30th birthday approaching) to shed the baby weight and still kill some fitness goals. 8 months postpartum rolled around, a 10K race finished, and 21 pounds disappeared with a couple months left to go till my birthday.

That picture was taken December 21st, 2017! And then 4 days later, I was drinking wine and eating a delicious charcuterie board with my family on Christmas Day when I felt the family waves of nausea with every bite of liver sausage.

No, I thought.

Two pregnancy tests later confirmed there would indeed be no sexy 30th birthday mama, and instead a 3rd baby would be 12 weeks along in joining the party in the busiest year of our lives.

It seems I never know how to keep my plate from being so full, but sometimes I really believe God keeps it that way, not to overwhelm me but to bless our family abundantly.

I start school the first week of September.

This baby is due the second week of September.

Our first house is being built and will be ready sometime in September.

September will be full of all kinds of blessings 🌷.


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