My Go-To Overnight Oat Recipes

This is a short recipe share - I really have become addicted to overnight oats!! I tried it once with steel-cut oats and didn't love it, but once I invested in rolled oats, HOLY MAMA! There are so many great recipes out there, but because I follow IIFYM (if it fits your macros) I really… Continue reading My Go-To Overnight Oat Recipes

$100 Grocery Shop: Week 3/52

Despite that the increased carbon tax is already upon us, I managed to do an awesome grocery shop this week! All the boxes of Ritz crackers were just 99 cents each at Safeway. Items I have that I'm working from: Frozen chicken breasts Chia Seeds Rolled and quick Oats Raw Peppers Salsa Chocolate Chips Laughing… Continue reading $100 Grocery Shop: Week 3/52